About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Our approach is as individual as YOU

Securepac is a second generation family business that takes 'to its core' a people view of advice. We know that every one of us are different and we all have very special and unique interests, goals and plans.  This means that the strategies we use to protect, plan and invest is individual and unique.

We are all individuals and that is why Individual and Personalised Advice is what you will get from Securepac!

Our story puts the YOU in us

Securepac was established in the early-1990s by Gerry & Shirley Porter.  Gerry had started in the 'risk game' in the 1970s and after a decade of pursuing other business interests re-entered the industry in 1985 as an adviser and then into senior management positions before starting Securepac.

A family approach was entrenched in the ethos of the business with the the business operating from the family home - servicing the needs and plans of families just like theirs...

Securepac, under the guidance of Gerry & Shirley, made a name for themselves by delivering high quality advice, and professional yet friendly service. Their reputation of delivering unique and personal outcomes to their clients saw their business grow....primarily by word-of-mouth referrals.

Gerry & Shirley’s ethics and values rubbed off on all who came to be a part of the Securepac family and indeed more broadly into the industry.

Gerry successfully took the position of Director of the respected and nationally recognised Association of Financial Advisers.  He then proceeded to excel in the management and leadership of Synchron  Queensland as their Queensland State Manager.  Both roles balanced and delivered whilst still growing a successful business that put his customers at the heart of service...

In the true spirit of family centricity Gerry & Shirley took a step towards winding down a number of years ago by welcoming their youngest daughter, Leanne & her husband, Scott into their business.

Gerry was always an advocate that a the second generation management of any business would build on the foundation created by the first generation.   Leanne and Scott, through the mentorship of Gerry & Shirley, are attempting to capture this customer centric legacy and build on this to reestablish the Securepac brand.

Bringing in the varied backgrounds and expertise of both Leanne & Scott Securepac is broadening its suite of services that it can offer with the introduction of Estate and Retirement Planning.

Sadly, Gerry recently lost his battle with ill health and passed. Whilst his loss has been felt by his family and throughout the Industry that he helped shape, his customer centric ethos strongly remains within Securepac.

Shirley is the heart of the business, with her vast knowledge of the Securepac family of clients. She has and continues to be a vital cog in the wheel ensuring that our many clients receive the experience that they deserve.


Meet the Team

At Securepac Financial Group will be sure to be provided with a depth of experience that translates to superior professional and individual solutions.

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Scott Young

Principal Consultant

Scott has over 25 years of financial services experience, specialising in the last 3 years in risk and investment advice within Securepac. With Scott's broad background he is able to quickly analyse, triage and develop a solution that is right for his individual customer.

Scott truly enjoys spending time with his clients, learning about their hopes & dreams and helping them to realise their plans.

Scott loves spending time with his family and friends in his spare time.  He loves listening to live music and ensures he gets out to see a gig!

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Leanne Young


Leanne is the youngest of Gerry and Shirley’s daughters. Leanne has 17 years of financial services experience prior to commencing her own successful Project Management Company over a decade ago.

Whilst not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, Leanne provides Securepac's strategic oversight which ensures the ongoing business success.

Like Scott, Leanne loves spending time with her family and friends.  Their children Lucas and Isobel are centre to their dreams and plans...just like Leanne was for Gerry & Shirley!


Synchron is a leading provider of risk management, superannuation and investment advisory services. There is no institutional ownership or interest and as such we, as one of its adviser groups, enjoy the total freedom to find the right solution for our customers; taking into account their individuals circumstances, needs and goals.

Scott Young and Securepac Financial Group are an Authorised Representatives of Syncron, AFS Licence No. 243313.

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